Achieving your life’s ambitions by developing a winning frame of mind

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Lets set the scene… At the age of 17 I’d reached the grand weight of 22st, and we’re not talking tall and muscular, we’re talking short, round, you could say morbidly obese, little did I know I was about to make some significant changes to my life… 

I was working in Woolworths of all places  (which had an incredibly easy access to pic’n’mix!) and I was sick of feeling horrible about myself, hearing people call me names, feeling inferior and having no confidence.obese and you wouldn’t be far off!

 That same year I decided to take control of my life. I knew what I wanted, to be thin, to be confident, to have a great job, to be wealthy and for girls to like me! (surprise? I was a 17 year old boy!), so how was I going to achieve these things? I knew my objectives – now it was time to make them happen, by putting the right systems in place.

I broke down my objectives and split them into different projects. My body, my job, my confidence and my bank account!

I wrote down end goals for each project and then just started listing ideas, my body for instance, “join a gym”, “Buy health magazines”, “Go for a run” “Join a class”. I listed these ideas in order of what I should do first, its all about taking baby steps. Once you start taking baby steps you feel more confident with the big strides.

The same process applied for my job, “write a CV”,” go to interviews”, “get a new job”, “work hard”, “put myself forward for projects”, “Climb the ladder” – now by taking steps with my body, and my job, my confidence got a boost, and guess what? My bank balance was going a lot better too… and the girls? Well they don’t mind talking to me now, and I have the confidence to talk back!

The success that I saw spurred me on and I started to challenge myself more and more, always writing new goals, planning how I was going to achieve them and reviewing them.

It’s also important to recognise your success. If you do something well, sit back and think about it, think about how you achieved it and give yourself a pat on the back!

You also have to recognise that sometimes you will have set-backs and sometimes you will meet hurdles and mountains that you need to climb. The key in tenacity – if a problem arises, analyse it, and create a plan to beat it, but don’t stop, always strive to achieve your goals and move forward. Stay positive and drive on.

I’ve been living this way for 6 years now and Its a state that I call  “winning frame of mind”.

I’ve gone from being in a very bad place, a very obese 17 year old with zero confidence, no career prospects, no friends and no way out, to being a confident, charismatic, positive, driven and ambitious twentysomething, director of my own business (Epicday), a great job, some fantastic friends  and financial stability.

With the launch of Epicday, I now seek to pass on my learnings and to help others who aren’t in the place they want to be to take action. This is an open invitation for anyone feeling like there’s no way out, no hope or that just cant find their way to contact me directly via the contact form on our site and I’ll happily share my experience and offer any advice that I can.

So here’s a recap:

Set your objectives – Identify what you want in life! (its yours for the taking)

Make a plan – Understand where you are now, where you want to get to, list things that will get you closer to your goal and order them.

Be brave  Take baby steps, complete tasks from your plan, be patient, every task you complete brings you closer to your goals

Work hard and be tenacious – Sometimes things don’t always work out as planned, keep going, sometimes you have to rethink plans or come up with new ideas, keep going and put in the hard work!

Celebrate success – Take time to realise the progress that you are making and recognise how you achieved it. Well done you!

Evaluate and repeat – Once you’ve achieved a goal and realise that you can achieve anything you set your mind to – do it! Set some new goals and get going, onward and upward.

Oh, and here’s a photo for old times sake :)

Winning frame of mind

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  1. Ad Davies says : Reply

    Totally inspiring!!!!!

  2. Edward says : Reply

    Great post. can’t believe that is you in the other photo. Never would have known! :P

  3. Claire says : Reply

    Well done Joel,
    I remember your former 17 year old self and WHAT a transformation you’ve made!
    Well done!
    All the best for the future :)

  4. mark stephens says : Reply

    Well done pal, good to see you succeed in your goals.

  5. Joanna says : Reply

    Well done you xx

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