Marketing Manager
“The Epicday System helps me to get up, handle my incredibly high workload and get home on time, without worrying about work all night!”

"Since I started taking PowerUp my mornings have gotten a lot more productive and I can quickly wake up, focus and take on my day"

"I take recharge around 8 or 9pm, It helps a lot and instead of being up all night worry about my next day or waking up throughout the night, I can relax and get a really good sleep!"

"When I wake up the morning after Recharge, I feel energised, awake and alive - the system has been a godsend and I'm looking forward to going into 2014 working hard but feeling a bit less stressed and hopefully more healthy!"

Marketing Manager
"I work in marketing and often have to deal with tight deadlines and high pressure situations"

"Power Up has given me the focus to complete significant amounts of work in a short space of time"

"I'm not saying that its some sort of miracle drug, but what I am saying is that it helps you to switch on when times are tough and stressful"

"It helps me wake up on a morning and shake off and tiredness that I'm feeling, when I walk into work, I know I'm there for one reason and im not going to let fatigue make be lose focus"

"I train a lot, about 5-6 times a week and often feel run down and sluggish. Over training and stress from work often keeps me up at night.

"I've been taking recharge for about 4 weeks and I'm feeling so much better already, I can get off to a decent sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic"

"Its like I've been in a rut for so long and now I'm feeling back in control - I'd highly recommend the products to marketers with busy workloads!"

Teaching Assistant
"I've suffered from poor sleep for years and in that time I've tried many remedies, sleeping tablets and health supplements to try and help"

"When taking medication in the past I've woken up more tired than I went to bed and with my energy being sapped, this went on to effect other areas of my life"

"I have recently started taking Recharge and its fantastic. I take it 20 mins before bed and I'll be nodding off to a really good sleep quite quickly. Its best if you are in a quiet and dark a room as possible and you just slip into a really deep sleep.

"I used to wake up throughout the night, but Recharge helps me sleep through to the morning. Sleep is so important and I'm feeling so much happier and de-stressed already. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with similar sleep issues."

Software Developer
“I've always suffered from high stress due to a busy workload and tight deadlines"

"It got to a point when it started effecting my health, In the day it felt like I was losing my ability to focus due to the stress I was under to deliver my targets"

"When I found out about Epicday I was immediately interested in trailing the product hoping that I could regain my focus and drive and reduce my stress levels"

"Power Up is great, I wake up, take just 1 capsule (as opposed to the recommended 2) with breafast and it switches me on the for the day. I can think a lot clearer and seem to take control when I use it. I take another capsule with lunch means I can keep my productivity levels high"

"I normally go to the gym straight after work and I haven't been feeling as tired or rundown meaning my focus has increased there too"

"I get in around 7-8pm, eat, then take 3 capsules of Recharge about 20 minute before sleep. I used to sit up at night worrying about work and getting myself wound up thinking about the next day"

"Recharge helps me relax and get off to sleep much better"

"I wake up feeling recharged, so to speak! Refreshed and ready to take on the next day"

"I'v been taking Epicday for around 3 weeks now and my quality of life has just got so much better"

"I'd highly recommend the products to anyone who's sick of feeling stressed and run down because of work"